50 reasons why network entrepreneurs fail


1. No goal writing (self-impulse)
2. Focus on waiting time to sponsor people with high income instead of learning to be a high earner
3. Not committed to devotion not dedicated to work
4. The office is not organized and cluttered, wastes too much time searching.
5. No document storage that is useful in doing business efficiently.
6. Only interested in personal profit Not caring about the needs of customers and other team members
7. There is no business tool to offer. and provide information to customers, members
8. No instant phone calls back. when you miss contact
9. No guidance on how to work for the team or but not interesting
10. Failing to keep promises, appointments, without a good enough explanation.
11. There is no follow-up to the prospect and the customer has not shown the concern we have for them.
12. Give up or give up too soon. Usually people quit within the first 90 days instead of 1 year.
13. Discouragement With little troubles and inconveniences, your willpower is depleted.
14. Talk about other companies in a bad way all the time, until no one wants to come close to them for fear of damage.
15. I don't really know about network marketing. and don't take it seriously
16. Lack of self-respect Life around him is messy, dirty, doesn't take care of himself.
17. Lazy to work Waiting to collect results from the efforts of the team alone
18. Unprofessional in product presentation and marketing plan
19. Not building a customer base even though the company's products can be retailed
20. Failing to Offer Benefits The effect of using the product is obvious. suitable for the audience
21. No Editing Management what the customer or the team complained that
22. There is no praise for the achievements of the team members. It's a self-centered type.
23. No daily business operations
24. Dissatisfied with the income of the executives of their own team therefore working to prevent
25. Likes to complain that the company, product, marketing plan, team executives do not help
26. Have Unrealistic Expectations Want a good income with little effort
27. Keep yourself close to people who constantly talk negatively. instead of being close high income person and positive attitude
28. Too little patience for a short time without giving enough effort.
29. not passed time information Organizing activities for team members immediately
30. Complain too much and act like a child.
31. Change companies often. in network business without even one step of success
32. Involve yourself in money games, chain businesses and other businesses like this.
33. Must be driven by outside activities. instead of the impulse from within one's own
34. Refusing to make any investments such as public relations, brochures, flyers, etc.
35. They are the ones who reject it first, like to say, “No ../ but not doing it right now.”
36. I don't know how to take advantage of company opportunities. to be helpful no flexibility of thought
37. Do not trust the product. or is not a product of the product Used only to make money
38. The sensitive mind is influenced. or being easily influenced, unable to think on their own
39. Spending too much time in considering organization instead of using it to meet prospects and customers
40. Expect perfection from a new company or team in a short time.
41. Not planning for success
42. Do not develop yourself to be a professional in work.
43. There are always excuses.
44. Think you know everything therefore not accepting new learning
45. I don't read books. or follow the current news
46. ​​Unhealthy Or think to yourself that it is not strong.
47. Not trying hard to be the best
48. Believing rumors without checking the truth is easily deceived.
49. Very important. I don't really believe that “it can happen. when I act.”
50. I don't know why I came to this business.

Now we know why. The rest is just going to fix various points. In order to move forward to the next great network businessman...