A recommendation to buy kitchenware for a beginner

A recommendation to buy kitchenware from a Thai kitchenware dealer

1. The 1st question is “Do we need to have one? “
• If we just need a tool to warm our food, a microwave might be the right one, not a kitchenware set.
• Check whether we have time?  At least 2 hours for buying raw material, preparing and cook is required if we plan to cook. This 2 hours is probably difficult to share from working people nowadays in a big city.
• Most people who do not have much time and live near food center rarely cook and in some sense, not require to have kitchenware. We’d better save our money and buy once we are ready to cook.

2. Reasons to have kitchenware
• We have time or mate to help at least 2 hours is needed for cooking a meal and need to enjoy or have fun.
• How cooking giving us a funny and happy time?
i. We have fun during cooking because we concentrate on what we are doing at the time especially trying a new recipe. Having concentration on something gives us a happiness. It is true. Imagine when we was a child and was happy from just only cleaning dad’s car and got just a buck?
ii. Pride if some people praise on our dish especially from a special one.
iii. Save some money as we know restaurant have a profit of at least 30%-40% from any dish we order.
iv. We have cleaner food.
v. The food is more safe.
vi. More delicious..this is based on your skills and neighborhood, actually.

3. What to buy if we need to have one?
• Buy what is needed to cook first. We recommend
i. Pot: for cooking soup or curry. [
See how to pick up pot]. The 20cm pot is a medium size one and would work for most kinds of cooking. This 20cm pot is recommended to have.
ii. Pan: for frying.  The most convenient is the fry pan with long handle. The suitable size is about 28-30cm.
iii. Accessories; ladle, knife, cutting board.  Ladle or Chinese ladle should be medium size because it is hot from being too close to the stove if we use the shorter one.  Wooden handle is prefer to the Bakelite one from its better heat insulation. We should have at least 2 knives; one is a medium for general usage and the other one is a bigger one or chopping knife.
• Buy what is fit for us.
i. Buy stainless or aluminum kitchenware? [
see pros and cons] Obviously, stainless steel kitchenware is a better choice. If we have 2,000 baht for the budget, we should go for the stainless steel one.
ii. Buy in “set” or “individual”?  This is based on the family member. If we are single, a  fine 20cm pot and a 30cm-fry pan maybe enough. We recommend a family to have at least 3 pots, ranged from 18cm to 26cm.
iii. One good recommendation is to spend for what is needed first. Other kitchenware maybe bought some time later.

4. How much to spend for our 1st kitchenware set?
• Stainless steel kitchenware set begins at 2,000 baht approximately.
i. 7 pcs pots set : 1,200 baht
ii. Ladle, knives : 550 baht
• Aluminum kitchenware begins at 1,000 baht approximately.
i. 3 pots set 22, 24, 26cm. (358 baht)
ii. Fry pan no. 15 (150 baht)
iii. Ladle, knives (550 baht)

5. What is the best seller at all time in our stores?
• 9 sizes of aluminum pot (16-32cm) is the best seller one. Cost about 900 baht.
• Customers prefer to buy individual kitchenware to buy set of kitchenware. The most popular pot is the 20cm sauce pot and 16 sauce pan.

Chinese ladle 4" zebra Chinese ladle 4" zebra

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