About us

KitchenwareMarket.com was launched in September 2006. We are a part from Saha Tang Nguan Heng , a kitchenware dealer, located in China town. We have been in business since 1957. We started from selling small tools (scissor, knives, etc.) in Sampheng, open market in Bangkok and upcountry. We moved to 2-stories shop in Sampheng in 1968 and moved to a 10-stories building on Anuwong road in 1984.

Currently, we have 2 branches, i.e. China town and Bangboon, where we have 600 sq.m showroom. Our major customers areretail shop, trader, import/export company, restaurant, hotel, school, etc.

If you have a plan to buy kitchenware, please compare price and service with us. We hope we can be your partner and we will be a good one.

KitchenwareMarket.com, a market that sell 20-30%cheaper kitchenware than big retail shop everyday! Wholesale gets special discount!

Why should buy from us? 
1) We are one stop service kitchenware store. We have products ready in stock with cheaper price!

  • More economical 10-20% compared to other department stores
  • We have many rare essential kitchen equipment For example, a large, thick tamarind chopping board. or plastic chopping boards of different colors brass sieve basket Iron Chinese Wok Sticky Rice Casserole various long wooden spatula stainless steel works such as grease traps, various shelves, or even the most basic items such as wooden mortars, stone mortars

2) Why can we sell with cheaper price?

  • We regularly order large quantities and have a nationwide sales network.
  • We have good relationship with all kitchenware factories, i.e. few return, no annual expenses, short credit term. Therefore, we normally has better price than the general store.
  • We have been trading kitchenware for more than 50 years. We have a large customer base that makes our products turnover faster. less stock It saves a lot of costs.

3) We provide best service and facilities for customers. We realize that customers are very important to our business.

  • The current situation is very competitive. makes us aware of the importance of customers We prepare stock ready to sell immediately, no need to wait.
  • Enough convenient parking space
  • At the checkout point, we will check one by one item with customers to make sure to get all items corectly.
  • Items can be exchanged within 7 days.

4) We received the DBD verified sign, official E-commerce sign approved by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand.

  • We have been doing online marketing for more than 10 years. The shop has received DBD verified standards from the Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce (Check the link at the bottom of the web) which is a high level that must pass the standard exam. and has been assessed every year. You can be assured that it is safe to shop for sure.

5) We have been appointed as the latest Zebra Shop in 2018, the 3rd in Bangkok and the first in the Thonburi area.

  • The advantages of the Zebra shop are discounted products twice a year, with special gifts according to the amount. which general stores will not provide
  • There are many products. which are sold only at Zebra shop such as new products and special price packages
  • Good aftersale service Satisfaction guaranteed. If broken, leaking, rusting, we replace the products immediately.

China Town map 

Bangbon map 

Showroom at Bangbon branch and our warehouse


Small items are on 2nd floor with our 400sq m space  

Memorial pictures of our store

Every thing 3 baht! Our grandmom and her kids at Korat in 1965 Another view of the street shop
Grandmom and employee A lot of kitchenware in tranditional shop 50years ago
Street shop with everything on the ground Happylife 50 years ago