Billboard Ad = Brand

Each time step out of the house. Have you ever noticed signage markets. Affixed to the building between the department store or some do not.


You develop signs they have changed a lot. Whether in the materials used or installed accessories to make the movement more and more light.

Culture and character design. Shop signs occur in an age of rapid commercial growth since the reign of King Rama 5 in the past as you shop often the only menu. If children are widening business often renamed to it. Creating a brand identity or administration is not complicated นัก. But in the present Concept of retail business has changed. The increasing popularity of the field with the same brand name. Is a franchise model and have different business models resulting in image management or brand management becomes necessary. Science of design identity (Identity Design) has become a key strategy by using "tags" to create memories of their brands.

But no matter the label. In any form. The character designs are crucial to the direction of branding. Because the text is different for different styles of media. "Emotional branding" of different characters, so the selection could mean the wrong meanings to the distortion.

For Thai characters. We have a website kind www.f0nt.com Thai characters allowed to download new fonts to use each other for free with advice about how to design, install and fix any problems with updates and information about the font. local and overseas come to the track. Including those areas speak for all designers, both professional and amateur too many.

Www.f0nt.com founder of this site is intended to collect and distribute resources in Thai fonts free. By focusing on creating the custom fonts and remove the share. Which currently has more than 300 people to share fonts fonts is also a powerful online community to help create a colorful graphic design industry in Thailand is very admirable.

Compiled from the article "Development of signs and letters" by Wong Suwit Rujira trade www.tcdcconnect.com.