Buying online - free of fraud

"Not seeing eye to not touch, do not pay do not think are very greedy. Otherwise, victims ... may be steamed through the Internet!!? ".


"Buy through the Internet is much. Price from less than one hundred to several thousand. In fact, they prefer นะ. Because some good female love likeable very well be another very easily. Shop at any time want. Past several years have not met what the problem. Or is not good because now the economy is unknown. Made during recent. Matter of knowledge acquisition through the Internet. Value is not just what a high percentage strike cheat always key. "

Rmpan from a young shopper who has been damaged by purchasing online. On the WM near this must be unfolding in the SOS from the survey of the Ministry of Commerce. Find products with the most fraud. Product categories will be used appliances Musical Clock, which has collectibles pricing bulk 1000-9000 baht.

Not a new disaster. Threats from old technology to China. But more days to fear - be careful - be very careful that for? Cozen - cheat ... on the Internet? Read up here, then do not just hit and that the transaction is online scams lose out. Because the number of sites than they are trustworthy web fraudulently. However, because few fish rot is all to do e-commerce industry has been discredited by the Beach at WM this should be simple instructions. That will help you know what magic they cheat traders should Ekiid nest. Female without ethics.

Notice how simple. This product is often cheaper than real. Not address or store name to clear. No image sample sellers entice buyers often say trust completely. Allow transfer value products without advance what evidence. Often speak in a manner that a small number of products. If it is not transferred to the buyer the right to transfer before. If this conjecture is found that no placebo Sure. Suggest telling people to sell all that. We will allow payment only when goods are. "Not seeing eye to not touch, do not pay".

If we try นึกดู silly money already lost. If, among other things, these will disappear to. Not answer the phone. Close calls and escape. (This time for simple numbers. Buy more Mac Donald waste another) will find this one you have. Therefore should avoid trading goods subject to risks. And do not think that price is only. If necessary purchases from the provinces. Should the product information. And history of the seller to name the most like real ID card number. Number and account book that matches or not. When the information comes then try to name the store. Name one or more sales people in Google if this store was certified fraud will have to post the damn great deal. When the decision to purchase, then do not forget to collect the money transfer slip. And print details page and merchant ID, IP-based Internet. To use as evidence the case was fraudulent.

We knew this would be a step in trying to keep up with the ruse of deception to conceal the fraud sites. And must carefully check to clear, not greedy. Be more considerate. Otherwise, victims ... may be steamed through the Internet!!?

5 How to Shop online other wise.
1. Choose from trusted sites. Which sites have many visitors. Ask a question about products. Has a product to view. The number and address to ensure contact is 70%.
2. Do not recommend buying the Post. It is an opportunity to move around other threads. If fraud is difficult to capture. And not in the responsibility of the webmaster.
3. To ensure the name should be in stores to search Google, if someone posts that are not innocent. This should not be taken.
4. Do not give sensitive information such as ID numbers. Credit card number. Because these have no connection with the purchase no moment.
5. Do not transfer money if you have not received goods. The appointment should be a good product and then check to be completed before payment, except that the purchase of a large Web companies such as the book title. Or a web presence in the market. This money was. But must keep detailed order. The stored print verification. If you have not received goods.

Who has the face fraud complaint. Center monitor and analyze the guilty technology. National Police (High-Tech Crime Center) Tel: 0-2205-2627-8 Fax: 0-2205-1889 Email htcc@police.go.th. Download form for inform. http://htcc.ict.police.go.th/formone.doc.


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