Color chopping board

Meaning butcher's general interests and the use of different colors.

Purposes. The butcher of the separation is to prevent contamination of food. The food is not clean. This could lead to serious illness, such as.

Cause in general. Of the discomfort. It is caused by food. Such as food poisoning, food preservatives, which we called. Contamination of food. (Cross-contamination), causing a disease caused by bacteria from one food. To food in many cases, we found that the cause of the dark years of assurance comes from the butcher. Mix the food. Both cooked and raw foods. Food types.

Use separate chopping boards are a great help. In the prevention of disease in a restaurant with good hygiene. The color of each kind of butcher. Basically, it will be red, blue, yellow, beige and white unit.

Color How to use
White Bakery, general use
Blue Cooked meat
 Raw meat
Green  Vegetable, Fruit
Yellow  Poetry

However, it may not be a butcher by the hotel. Or restaurant. We recommend that cooked food separate. Cooked food that has not only helped me a lot.

-Color-Coded Cutting Boards, by Danilo Alfaro, About.com Guide