Compare Gas rice cooker vs Electric rice cooker

Compare Gas rice cooker vs Electric rice cooker
data as of Jan 20, 2012
Reported done by Piamsak Mongkolnwana, Kitchenwaremarket.com


Gas rice cooker

Electric Rice cooker


10 Litre (55 servings)

10 Litre

Brand reference

Fujimaru model r55a

Sharp, model 1010

Price retail, kitchenwaremarket.com

5,480 baht

3,900 baht

Source of energy

Gas LPG, Low pressure

Electricity 220v 2,750w

Heating quantity

27000 BTU per hour


Energy usage rate

LPG 0.52 kg/hr


Amout to pay

9.6 baht per hour (base on 890baht per std 48kg LPG tank or 18.5baht/kg as Jan 20,2012)

8.25 baht/hour (3 baht per unit electricity cost as of Jan20,2012)

Cost per time cooking

3.7 baht (Cook time 23 mins)

4.2 baht (cook time 30 mins)

Warming time limit

1 hour

4 hours

Interval time between next cooking (To release thermostat to stable status)

15 mins

10 mins


- Long lifetime durability.

- Cook rice as often as possible. Heavy use of it.

- Energy saving for cooking. Heat from the gas is cheaper than electricity.

- A pot of thick, very strong. The pot has a handle.

- The oven will care less.

- Outdoor cooking is easy with the gas tank.

- Shorter cooking time.