Donut marker

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Donut maker cheap. Butter Snacks for the family.

Butter six items can be teflon coated grills.
Food does not stick and easy to clean.
With lock tight lid while doing donuts.

How to use it.

In the first use may have a slight odor and smoke from a regular event.
Close the lid and make waffles.
Plugged into an electrical outlet, the red indicator will light up. Begin to warm up for about 10 minutes when the temperature ready light indicator will light up green. This machine is available.
Open the door by pulling the lock to open.
Put the dough into the prepared donut maker donut.
Cover the dough should not be too many donuts in the donut dough overflows may cause the socket. Should be put in the socket to fit the donut.
It will run for about 3 to 4.5 minutes, depending on the needs of the scorched donut. Also be careful of steam. Steam or heat from the unit during operation.
Open the donut maker. And the donuts out of the machine. (Do not use a knife. Or sharp metal shovel donut out of the unit).
After activation is complete, you should let it cool down.

Size and power.

Voltage is 220 volts.
Frequency near 50 Hz.
700 watts of power.
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