Electric oven 70 liters stainless HouseWorth

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Large oven capacity of 70 liters that have a modern design and stainless steel, durable Peabody is durable stainless steel with full functionality to work for a small bakery. And food

Capacity of 70 liters
Temperature from 100 degrees to 250 degrees.
Baking is the mode in level 3 is the only light on, light the lights, both top and bottom, with the lights on rotation for grilled chicken.
Easy to clean
You can set the timer for 60 minutes
Alarm when cooking is finished.
Available accessories: trays of food, grill, place the food, the food tray, tongs, a word of fish and grilled chicken.
1 year warranty

Turn the heat (Thermostat) to the desired level.
Rotate the baking to the desired position by the fan is working.
Turn the oven to set the time you want. Battery status indicator panel will work until the oven is heated by default.
The oven is working at a preset time, the machine will stop automatically.
To stop the oven before the preset time, turn the clock back to the closed position.
Using the grill

Turn the system over the grill.
Turn the oven temperature to 250 degrees level.
Setting the food to be grilled
To stop the oven before the preset time, turn the clock back to the closed position.

Unplug it every time, then let it cool before cleaning.
Do not immerse any part of the oven in water drive. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean enough.
If there is still some food stuck, use soapy water to clean.
Do not use a brush or scouring because the oven scratches.
Pull-out crumb tray for easy cleaning of the machine base.
Precautions for use

Do not allow children to operate the machine alone.
Always unplug the work done, or to clean.
To cool before removing or assembly.
Off the machine if the power cord is damaged, or that there is damage to any part of the machine.
Do not operate outdoors.
Size and power

Size (46.5 x 71 x 45.5 cm).
Power 2000W
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz.

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Electric oven 70 liters stainless HouseWorth
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