Folk wisdom Preserving corn plants for animals to eat

Villagers in Nong Muang District Lop Buri province uses folk wisdom to preserve food Can keep in fresh condition for more than 3 months for the dry season Animal farmers are trying to find ways to make grass. Or the corn plant can stay fresh for as long as possible to keep the pet to eat fresh food for added nutritional value better than to dry hay for life to overcome the drought.

Which Mr. Somsak Thongpuek, a cow farmer In Cheon Saradech Subdistrict Nong Muang District Lop Buri Province Using the wisdom of the villagers to make compost Cornmeal Which can keep fresh for up to 3 months. The karma is not much, just cut the corn plants or grass into smaller pieces and put in a double layer fertilizer bag. The inner layer is a plastic bag which cannot be aired for fermentation for 3-4 days. It will be eaten for pets, which will be more fragrant, making pets such as cows, goats, sheep, very happy and eat until Run out and grass or corn plants that have been fermented Can still be kept for pets to eat for up to 3 months without any spoilage at all

By Mr Somsak Told me that today I have the income from the sale of fermented corn to dairy cows Or Thai cows can get around 50-80 sacks a day at the price of 40 baht per sack Will have an income of 2000-3000 baht per day, one month will have about 2-3 thousand bracelets left, which is enough Today, there are customers ordering fermented corn every day and can't deliver in time. Because the family can only make fermented corn no more than 80-100 bags a day This is done using the wisdom of the villagers that can preserve food for our animals to eat fresh food during the dry season. No longer have to endure eating straw.