Goal, Believe and Policy

Goal, Believe and our Policy statement

  1. Mision: Why we are here and what we are doing.
  2. Be a leading kitchenware supplier for retail and wholesale, providing required products with most competitive price and fast delivery.
  3. Be the best kitchenware online store
    • Store keeps in stock a variety of products to meet customer’s requirement and best price.
    • Customer receives good experience in online shopping from information, design and other services.
    • Customer receives product on time and have a save shopping online.
  • Vision: Future that we believe in.
  • We, Kitchenaremarket.com, wish that buying of good quality kitchenware and accessories is easy, under bugget and comfortable.
  1. Strategy: Our believe in retail and wholesale business.
  2. Honesty is the most important characteristics in doing business
  3. Critical characteristics for wholesalers
    • All products in stocks
    • Fast delivery
    • Competitive price
  4. Critical characteristics for retailers
    • Having variety of products with systematic displaying for easy finding
    • Selling high quality product and modern designé
    • Providing competitive price
    • Convenient place to go and easy for locating
    • Possess clean, fleshy and modern look
    • Providing informative data for customers
  5. Good Image
    • Good governance with sufficiently economy management
    • Constantly participant in social contribution activities
    • Tax payer
    • Have some famous customers reference
    • Have some prestigious awards
  1. Policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Privacy means that the customer will not be disturbed in both directly and indirectly ways. Shops have established guidelines on data requirement, data employment, data storage. Including control concerned staffs to access customer information.
  • Limited personal data requirement
    • Data collection is necessary for the delivery of the product. We provide the standard form in the registering process, including a name - last name, email address, password and phone number, optional option to receive our news Only. Other information, such as credit card numbers financial or other information will not be collected. Customers will provide directly at Paysbuy or Paypal page or other systems afterwards during ordering process.
    • The main objectives in data collection is for the product delivery and event or news notification requested. Information not be disclosed to any third party, including details of the goods ordered, or interested.
    • We assure the customer that we would comply as in the stated purpose only.
  • Personal data employment
    • Personal information that we keep with us including product and quantity ordered will be used only to send the goods to the customer, and the news only allowed to send. We have the regulatory authorities to access to these data.
    • If it is necessary to provide information to government agencies or under the force by the law, we will notify via email or call prior to do so.
    • No advertising policy by way of a phone call, SMS, email or letter. New information or our promotions will be annouced mainly via Facebook Fanpage and e-mail newsletter allowed by customer dudring the registering process. Customers can choose to not receive news via Facebook or email later by themselves.
  • Data verification
    • We have not verified the accuracy of the Field of clients, products and orders. If customers need to verify and validate by themselves.
    • We check the data only the preliminary requirement such as the data necessary in the filling form that can not be a blank. All these data, customers can login to edit later.
  • Responsibility on data
    • We hereby certify that we will comply with the relevant laws and regulations as stated in the privacy policy.
    • We have implemented a strict privacy policy all along. You can check out the forum on the first page in a Facebook message or news outlets found by searching Google or other search engine.
  • Data security standard
  • Online shopping system is SSL data encryption
    • SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol for data encryption length of 128-bits, which is one of the most advanced technologies and used by all famous online shopping malls, and banking systems
  • Highest security on credit cartd information protection
    • We realize that the credit card information is very important and can be stolen, hence customer is required to give the information directly to certified service provider on the service provider’s pages. Cerified service provider must have highest standard certification, such as cerified on Verified by Visa and Verisign Secure.
  • Standard method of communication
  • We contact customer via email, phone calls and Facebook. Email will be used for initial contact. If customer would like to contact us, all information can be found in the "contact us" page. Customer can choose to contact the store by email, phone or Facebook. The store will respond within one day.
  • Order and payment policy
  • We have a variety of order and payment method...read more
    • The most popular order methods are via phone call and using shopping cart.
    • The most popular payment method on our site is bank transfer and some on credit card payment.
  • Shipping policy
  • Varieties of shipping methods are offered here...read more
    • In general, shipping method depends on the amount of order; we would ship by ourselves door to door for order amount of 15,000 or more. For fast delivery, TNT Express, EMS Postal services or private company could meet your requirement.
    • We ship generally domestically. International shipping is also available upon request
  • Return policy
  • Shop has a satisfaction guarantee by offering return policy. Customer could return product with full cash back within 14 days. This is in case the product is not used and box is still in good condition. The customer must have a payment receipt for this process.
    • Exception: Special order, i.e. with screening logo, high volume order are not in the return policy.
    • Cancel order: Customer can cancel the general order at office time by email, phone call. For email, we will reply back within 1 day.


  • Warranty policy
  • Electric appliance: Normally all electric appliance comes with 1 year warranty. Customer would need to bring products to repair at our shop at officetime.
    • If the product occurs within 2 weeks in accordance with the product term of use (such as Not commercial use. The non-intensive applications), our shop will replace with the new one. The bill requires a report every time.
  • Others
    • Problem of rust at Stainless Products: Stainless Steel with following brands, Zebra, sun, Jaguar, Sphinx, Bo, Meyer and affiliate products, Twinfish, Newline or other branded products with stainless steel grade 304 or 430 is guaranteed rust-free lifetime use. Other stainless and other affordable brand such as F4, FOFO, Perfect, Anchore, Happyware and other products imported from China or elsewhere. Stainless meat or some cheap rust, but the texture is harder than pure iron. When used over several months. I care product. Do not rinse and let dry. Or put food on the high acidity of the Stainless group was cheaper than the 304 or 430 is not rust guaranteed.
    • Product due to production problems such as leaks or broken parts or joints, such as coolers leaking, tear off handles will be fixed for free.
    • Melamine plastic products, glass, ceramics and others with broken, dent, pale color from normal use have no guarantee on the products.


  • Complaint and dispute resolution
  • How to make a complaint: Customers can report problems immediately via email at our contact us page, Webboard at homepage or phone call during working hours.
  • Complaints may have problems such as No shipment, wrong quantity, damaged products, or not functioning correctly or otherwise. We have staff to take care of complaint cases. We will reply the case within one day. Troubleshooting on the complaints can be found on the FAQ of our store.
  • In case of payment with Paypal customers can use Paypal as an intermediary to request a refund if not satisfied with the product or products by Paypal system will retrieve the money back. Until the problem has been resolved and customer satisfaction.
  • The solution will be based on the purchasing order document. Problem implementation will be done until seeing customer acceptance and satisfaction.
  • In case of any unsolved problem and unsastisfied final solution, customer can contact the Office of the Customer Protection hotline 1166 (Office of the Consumer Protection Board, http://www.oic.go.th/)