็How to increase the credibillity on the online store?

If you are the one who trade via the Internet following techniques will help customers more confidence to your site.

1. Show that you do not.
Disclose personal information of customers.
What customers are most afraid of information leakage or selling customer information. To assist by เจ้าตัว not agree should be so informed about this policy to ensure customer. Or may be invested with the protection information from hackers.

2. Add a comment to the web.
A presentation on feedback from our existing original This is the best way to help other customers to ensure that one of the purchase. Your site more. When you interview your clients regularly. You and request permission to bring their messages website. This is a simple way. To increase confidence in new customers best.

3. Provide clear information.
Should itemize information product to fully clear. Not to obscure data. The customer confidence in your purchase.

4. Enter information about the reliability.
If the information from different books or journals. Trusted and helpful research about your product should bring down the site. To add even more credibility. Would increase confidence To customers.

5. The contact information.
Should enter the name - last name, your full address, phone number e - mail and put links to the information on each page of the site. When customers want to buy a product for you. Do not miss to lose customers.

6. Add certificates from reputable agencies.
If I had won the contest. Or a member association of professional businesses. Do not forget to page down. About Us (About Us) "you may have with customers from many countries has become the Internet business as well.

7. Let clients know who you are.
Should help them to know you better. Should put your image on the page. About Us (About Us) "or even form the office, the more people do feel that you buy and its true identity. In addition, they may enter other information such as experience and time to open the business. Inspiration for your business.

8. Have the track after the sale.
E-mail should send a note to clients, such as mail-term acceptance of an order. Mail delivery details to add more confident and be willing to listen and respond with any comments.


Source: Siam Business (www.siamturakij.com).
By: WebMaster.
Date: 07/30/2553.