How to Save a brush fire on the kitchen

How to Save a brush fire on the kitchen
Our common problems. Failing for the coating Teflon cookware. Absent when burning on pan Rinse very difficult. We have tips on removing stains from food burning on the pan easily.

Use a soda (Baking Soda) to mix to help in cleaning The powder เบ soda 2 teaspoons per cup water, 5 and only put in a pot or pan to remove the stain on the burning issue. And then set fire to boil gently about 20 minutes the crust will float on food out easily. Then pour the water out and rinse with water. If stain remains, but there is little Use a sponge for polishing and then add a little liquid to clean any suppression of urine. Certificate of deposits lost completely burned.
Use soap (Soap) Add water and dishwashing liquid to two teaspoons in a pot or pan to wash. Then heat for 10 minutes then turn off the light Then leave it closed 30 minutes after soaking the wooden spoon it out or sponge any suppression of urine. If this does not suggest that the Use a soda.
Use cleaner for removing stains (Specialized cleansers). This will be expensive, but the best The shortest time. Follow the way he recommended.
Use Vinegar (Vinegar) using 1:1 ratio of vinegar to the water put into the pot or pan to clean. Then heat about 30 minutes, but if it is clear the need to soak the wood longer. And then poured the water out slowly and then use a sponge for polishing scrub

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