How to use and clean nonstick pan?

Nonstick pan

During cooking

  • We could use just low fat during cooking. Since very little would stick on the pan.
  • Do not use with Microwave oven, grill or on bonefire
  • Use only low to medium heat to lengthen its life time
  • Use proportional pan with food quantity
  • Accessaried to use with nonstick pan must be metal-free i.e. wood, nilon
  • Do not keep empty pan heat for long time


  • Remove food from the pan imediately after cook
  • Clean the pan with soft scrubing material. Do not use any metal or hard scrubing material
  • If there is a white sticky area on the pan, clean it with cloth and vinegar
  • Keep the pan clean and dry after cleaning.
  • Clean the pan with dishwasher might shorten its life time from heat during drying process and tentative sharp edge from other cookware.


  • Clean with attention to remove all food from the pan to lengthen its life time
  • Keep the pan's handle to stay firm
  • Nonstick coating normall can stand the heat upto 260 degree celcius. The product would be gradually out of order from the temperature range beyond that.
  • Do not use high heat during cooking.


Translated by @kitchenwaremarket.com