How to use kitchenware?

เครื่องครัว ต่างๆ

Before start using

  • It is recommended to use new cookware to boil water a bit. Keep it cool and clean them. This is too make sure all debris or dust during manufacturing is cleaned out.


  • All sticker should be removed if possible since it would be difficult to clean if it is burned during cooking.


  • Be careful to not let water run out during cooking! during boiling or cooking stew. There are a lot of people leting cookware burn til dry. In case cooking thai food containing coconut milk, this will make a lot of trouble from smoke and persistent smoky smell on curtain or clothes.


  • Beware not to use metal cleaning tool as this would damange cookware, especially  cookware coated with nonstick materrial such as Teflon or Avalon. In case there is a sticky thing to clean out from cookware, put some orange peel and some water in and boil it for a while. Keep then cool and try to clean again.


  • In case of using dishwasher, don't keep cookware close together since they will make some stain or flaw on the cookware. Make sure to move the shape edge of knives to the basket and rinse water over cookware with salty kitchenware befor putting them in dishwasher.


  • Use stainless wax cleaner to clean stain on stainless meterial.


  • Burning stain could be cleaned by Busso wax.


  • Stain from sticker glue could be removed by gasoline such as benzene or kerosene. Make sure to clean then again using dishwasher solution or soup water.