kimchi recipe

For this kimchi recipe Is a formula that I modified a little Since I don't really like Korean style. It smells fishy and very salty. Because really Korean formula He will wear quite a lot of squid and fish sauce. So I tried to adapt to the traditional Thai flavor. (Japanese friends, I confirm that My formula works ... which is a style that Japanese people like to do.)

Anyone who has scolded Dae Jang Geum will probably miss this popular Korean TV series. Today, I would like to bring you back to remember Glyn Ai Kowli once again with the drama Dae Jungkook when making kimchi ...

The method is quite easy. Let's see.

This recipe will give 3-4 kg of pickles.


Pad white cabbage 4 kg.
Head using foot 0.5 kg
5 tablespoons salt
5 fish sauce
3 fresh garlic, crushed
3 grams fresh ginger, crushed
1 handful of green onions
Korean pepper 3 tablespoons
1 tablespoon sugar

How to do

1 wash vegetables and cut into long pieces

White cabbage, just take a leaf and wash it enough Don't cut like fried. It will be messy.