Memorandum for his son, the "Liang Zhang ".

Memorandum, the "Liang Zhang hijack".

"Zhang Liang hijack" the host of TVB in Hong Kong and is a writer. Memorandum, written to his son published a wide when recently. In addition to demonstrating a concerned father with children similar to your father as general views of some of them. (In Hong Kong, a society), although some people will ever have to do the same. Read also God is not silent. No broadcast to listen to each other ...

Son .. love the Father written memorandum, this is why the ball is in Here 3.

1. All the things New Feeling. Toshiba, Japan will have more on how long no one can tell that the father has some thoughts on the father should be charged early would be better.

2. Because the father is father of the child. If the father does not tell customers. Nobody หรอก he tells the children a father telling.

3. What this father recorded. Pose a very painful experience that father has learned. It gives children free time to learn it again.

In the lives of children. Remember to ask for things. These are the best.

1. People are not good for us. Do not pay attention to players in life people who have no duty to come to us. Father of the child unless the mother. Good for people with children. In addition children must cherish and appreciate them. Still waiting on the lookout. Because we are all people. What would have intended. He made good on the ball. Yes, because he will always love children. Children need to recognize this point well. Do not just accept him as a friend too soon.

2. No people can not replace each other, and nothing that requires them. If understand this point. If any one side on the ball body is not longer want children. Or any day, what children need love the most to lose. Children will understand. This is not about nothing fatal.

3. Life is very short. If children have to live without value. Son will find tomorrow. Life will miss far more know more cherish life so much faster. When children will be happy from life, it's even more only. But good find today. Better hope to sit for long life.

4. The world does not love New Epson run time. Love is a short feel. The feeling this would change over time and emotions. If those children most love to the children. Request waiting patiently. Time to help clean. The gradual sedimentation and psychological distress of the child will gradually fade to .. Do not expect love to beautiful too. And not the Sgmetim heartbroken than to cause suffering.

5. Although many people who succeed in this world is not a high school. But does not mean that. If not, then the erudite knowledge is better armed. We may fight and wealthy people. But the rich do not have. If unarmed combat .. Remember.

6. Father will not have to care for children after the half-life father. Because the father will not care after the half life of children as well. When children grow enough and has been independent. Father would then be responsible as well. Then go. Children will sit bus or car to Bay Alliance. To eat shark's fin soup or noodles to eat any comment. Children to choose own.

7. Do good to others. But do not expect others to do good to us. How we treat others. Not mean that others will follow us in response to the same .. Children must understand this. Will not find a place without suffering.

8. Father purchased blocked MO State Discovery lifetime. The poor remain the same. Even award-end number has not been all. This is proof that. People we will have progress. Be vigorous only. In this world without a free lunchtime ตังค์ (No Free Lunch).

9. Relatives, friends or companions, are each alone in this country. So position the opportunity to come together and is very valuable. Because the national page. Whether you love or hate anyone who. You will not have the opportunity to meet each other (meaning even if they encounter unknown.