Oven, how to choose suitable power

Oven, how to choose suitable power
What you should consider. Investment buying oven tattoo machine at home. Or your shop.


First, we need to do check list before you buy with the same motivation, just like any hobby or make business. The oven in the market, we have various sizes. And various types.
1. Oven gas used in home
This oven features a head that is observed in the gas. Da Nang and oven. The head gas stove top to adjust the strength of the flame And a head set temperature of the oven. This song is the oven all the files on Left and right. Therefore, if the phones must be placed at the middle class. Cake or dessert fit in print General baking and cooking. Each combustor is not equal power. Sometimes the need to switch or rotate the baking tray with

2. Using a gas oven industry.
This is big. Pipes that are burning Pai below And several side rails. The temperature depends on the burner head open. For example, if the temperature to low Leave it open gas burners vice versa.

3. Oven.
This will include small, medium and used in industry have some form of third floor for ease of use. You can set the temperature and time as needed. Some light can be above or below. A function of baking variety. Suitable for use in the kitchen as possible. But the price would cost more than the next two Tan.
Important to be able to set and control temperature. Because the food product or for ญ่. Required temperature and time are relative to the baking characteristics. And types of products that can.

Heating of the oven with two parts: top And bottom of the furnace wall. There is also a version with oven spray out steam during the baking. Snacks to help some of the desired characteristics. Such as bread, nuts. (French bread, hard bread), and Chu Allianz ต Gallery Place (Choux Pastry) in the case of having no control oven temperature to constant demand. Should have a thermometer (Themometer) used for the oven, especially placed in the cabinet to determine the exact temperature of the product into the oven before baking.

Buying oven
Choose the size and price are right for property. And the need to use.
System easy to use, not a difficult Yun. And simple.
Spring Tak durable materials. Easy to clean. Some can be cleaned manually.
Thermo has established for international climate control.
The ground or a complete system protection.
The product warranty.
Should be purchased from the manufacturer or distributor within the country. To repair or scolding then easily.

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