"Pancake" pancake pan head IH 24 cm zebra

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Pan size 24 cm pancake shape a beautiful price handy new product zebra Can use at home. Or use the restaurant well.

  • You can cook many tasty menu such as pizza, Roti Pan Cake using less oil. To better health.
  • Fast food does not heat the pan on clean easily.
  • The pan coating thickness of 5.0 mm smooth quality of Japanese
  • Added heat dissipation plate (IH) can be used with all types of stove. Particularly induction cooker.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Before use. Use a soft sponge. Wash pan with dishwashing liquid Then rinse with clean water then dry.
  • Bring food from the pan immediately. After cooking, let cool Lae is washed with a soft sponge. With dishwashing liquid
  • If a white stain on the fabric coated pan vinegar wipe out years. Then wash as usual.
  • Use only low or medium to maintain the quality of the coating pan.
  • Turner used wood or nylon high heat only
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 3 March, 2012

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