Pop Art Carving Aet Penguin stainless

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Carving knife set purpose. Brand's penguin. Product quality with a standard State Wireless Steel Nirosta 4.34 from Krupp germany blade through the year He was solid (Hardening process) by modern machinery. System with a sharp edge secrets. Instead of the secret is a special grade plastic handle with hand-handed catch beautiful long sharp durable savings in the cost price is the 3-piece set is as follows.

  • 2 carving knives used for carving fruits and vegetables suitable for engraving simple latch. Surface area of a solid, such as pumpkin carrot soap, etc.-handed grip.
  • 3 is the scoop for seeding fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, rambutan, easy grip streamlined implementation.
  • Peeling knife 3 is used for peeling fruit. Fruit is versatile. Used as vegetables. Fruit of the hardwood handle easily squeeze mine Line use.
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Pop Art Carving Aet Penguin stainless
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Pop Art Carving Aet Penguin stainless
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