Prevent birds from standing on building structure

Prevent pigeons from sticking to the beam

By Bangkok Kitchenware Shop Kamnan Maen 7 Illustration from the roof of the shop

Making a high roof. Another problem is that the pigeons fly under the beam and shit Some days come with dozens of crap filled the floor. Full of cars that are parked under the roof. So I got a very headache with Eun Pigeon.

Used to think of ways to prevent birds from pouring in their cars Some people put the drug on the beam, put the bottle on, or some people to the point of creating a barrier. Or buy a car cover Each item uses thousands. And waste time And then not durable Finally, the wife searched for articles on the internet. Is a landscape where the villagers just stretch one wire over a 3 inch high beam to prevent birds from stranding at the stadium Phrommanusorn School, Phetchaburi Province

This method is easy, economical and is very durable. Really couldn't think, so I tried to do it right away The stretched wire bought for several tens of meters and a half kilograms is only 40 baht. Try to do under the beam that I parked the van first. Appeared to have no birds at all

Here you post it. In case anyone has a problem like me Try to use to see Give your finger this method.