Shipping and return

1. Postal service
Current charge is 15baht per 1kg nationwide and takes 3-4days. Pls check the cost from shopping cart function. Free shipment for order higher than 800 baht for Postal service and 3,000 baht for express service within next 2days delivery. This applies to only domestic shipment.

2. Store service
We have a delivery service in Bangkok area for whole sale customers. (normally 20,000 baht up ordering).

3. Cash&Carry with price 20%Cheaper
Cash&Carry price is about 15-20% cheaper due to we cut the shipping portion out. Customers who are going to open restuarant might save a lot money. We have a big showroom with more than 10,000 items, one stop service. We open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm. 

4.Private transportation company
For wholesale customers in upcontry, private delivery services deliver products to your door, nationwide. The shipping cost for 50x50x50cm box is very cheap, about 30-50baht.

5.International shipment
We focus mainly on domestic shipment. For international inquiry, please contact our staff at by email. The international shipment is mainly sale in wholesale (Full carton) with minimum order of 50,000baht.  We do not provide retail service for international inquiry.

For the return policy, you can return product within 7 days after purchase. Only un-used and good condition product will be accepted.