Size and usage of pot

size and usage

Pots are the basic requirement for cooking. There are a lot of sizes of pot, basically suited for how many people to serve and how large the raw material or ingredient to put into the pot, i.e. a whole chicken? We will see the size and usage of pot here.

  • 1.5 Litre pot (size 16 cm.)
    The size 16cm is the diameter of pot. This size is the smallest one in the market. The main function of the pot is for boiling water or making soup for just one or two people.

  • 2 Litre pot (size 18 – 20 cm.)
    Together with the size 16cm., the 3 pots set (size16,18,20) is called "the small three". The usage of "the small three" is still limited since the size of them is still small and suited for serving only 2-3 people. We would need bigger one for more people.

  • 3 – 6 Litre pot (size 22 – 26 cm.)
    We call this set (22 24 26cm pot) as "The medium three". "The medium three" is the most widely used in Thai household. The set can serve 3-6 people.

  • 7-11 Litre pot (size 28 – 32 cm.)
    This set is big. We generally call them "The big three". The biggest one (32cm) can be used to cook the whole chicken. We could use this set to cooking for 6-12 people.

    The best seller of aluminium pot is the set 16-32 cm. that got 9 pieces of pot. It is because the set can be used for many proposes and very cheap. The best seller of stainless pot is the set 18-28cm. (6 pieces of pots). For Thai market in general, aluminuim pot is still more popular because it is a lot cheaper than the stainless one.

  • 11 Litre pot (size 34 – 60 cm.)
    This pot is very big and suited for a lot of people, i.e. in food court, canteen, restuarant. Best seller for street food seller is 40cm and 45cm pot.

    The 50 or 60cm pot that has a capacity of 50 - 70 litre can be used to cook for uptp 50 people. By the way, the biggest size of stainless pot is 50cm.
Sauce pot 60 cm. crocodile Sauce pot 60 cm. crocodile

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