SUS304 Advance3 Electric Urn 30cm. (22L) Zebra

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Information kitchenware
Ø x Height: 30x52 cm
Weight N.W.: 7 kg
Capacity: 22 liters

Urn Model 30 cm. AdvanceIII Urn is the newest (2558) with power cuts over four floors.

Adjust the temperature by turning the controller. Extremely easy to use, durable top
Size 30 cm is the size of the generation capacity of 22 liters AdvanceIII.
Urn made of stainless steel grade 304 series is a rugged, tank hot water for coffee, tea. It is used in conference rooms, banquet dining.
1 year warranty
Product has been the industry standard TIS. 1878-2550
Special Features

Use the heater 2400w adjustable from 30-110 degrees Celsius, boiling water was fast.
Cover and heat
Urn as stainless sus304 Stamping whole. No welds Is the most durable
No heating coil in the tank to see (coil mounted outside the cylinder), making cleaning easy.
Cork cap adjustable venting heat.
Water level indicator
Anti-corruption heater fourth stage (cut to 100c, 145c, 200c, 318c).


Add water to lower the bucket 6-7 cm Overflow while boiling.
Do not move the tank while the water is hot.
Use an outlet with a 15A or more, and more grounded.
Do not use an extension cord with other appliances.
Study the manual before using

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SUS304 Advance3 Electric Urn 30cm. (22L) Zebra
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