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Remind parents how to use the wrong plastic. 
The manager ASTV Online September 23, 2553 17:58 pm 
Currently, plastic food packaging, such as foam box Plastic bags have become part of the lifestyle of every household already. In addition to environmentally unfriendly. If not used properly. To cause bodily punishment is not less. Is believed that many. Home aware of this as well.
But the news team for Life and Family will present the following. It is a new generation of parents should be an advantage. Because the data showed that If you choose to use plastic abuse. In addition, the body will then be toxic. Also affect child health in the long term. Increased risk of cancer. And deviant sexual behavior.
This point Dr. Naiyana Nee Sa Nan Pediatric Unit Pediatric Society. National Institute of Child Health, Queen Sirikit. And head of food safety programs. Thai children can salvage toxic November Majestic said that consumers who are parents. Or the parents of most children. Lack of knowledge. And understanding of purchasing. As well as how to use each type of plastic container that is accurate and secure results in chemicals. Contamination into the food, such as BPA, a chemical substance used in the manufacture of rigid clear plastic called polycarbonate. Is an important raw material in the manufacture of bottles for children.
"Logistics can type this November. When the heat from cooking will dissolve out substances BPA contamination in food. By the National Center for Toxicology (NTP) of the U.S. National Institutes of Health indicate that this substance can affect the nervous system of fetal development, infant and young children as a risk factor for prostate cancer. And breast cancer. In addition, research in other countries also found that compound BPA to look like a mix hormones. The sex hormones in the body of a child. Confusion. Impact of sexual deviation. And reduced reproductive ability in the future, "Dr.. Naiyana disclosure.
If the material for BPA can change the sexual behavior of the child. Research data indicate that A hormone-like substance that has the structure S estrogen (estrogen) of the female space-time ring down. Can change the behavior of child sex sure enough.
However, although information about the substance of BPA on human health in the long term is unclear. Need of adding new titles, most BPA is a chemical used in the production of poly carbonate plastic. (Polycarbonate) is often used to bottle water jug, water bottle, water bottle containing 5 liters of bottled water athletes. Bu using metal cans for food, put a cup fork spoon knife inserted type, etc. Parents can reduce the risk to children. By using the bottle. And toys that do not use BPA-free material containers Wed primarily made from Poly Lactic Car Boat Transfer to microwave And reduce the consumption of canned food. Then turned to food instead of fresh.

Can see that the plastic food that is both beneficial and harmful if not used properly. May lead to disease are. As a guide to the new generation of parents in choosing plastic food containers safe. Team with information that benefits from the project information Science Food Safety. Thai children salvage toxic plastic is sent to the knowledge.
*** Bag.
There are plastic bag 3 comprises a transparent bag made of PP and hot hot opaque bags made from HDPE for packaging hot And foods that contain fat. Heat resistant up to 100-120 degrees Celsius.
The second evening bag is made of LDPE, which looks quite clear soft. Flexible enough. Suitable for packaging frozen foods. But heat is not so much. And ultimately carry the bag or bags made from Kob Gas Co LDPE / HDPE bag this type are not safe for all food packaging. It mainly produces the plastic recycle.
So the butler, maid. Should choose to use plastic bags to suit various temperatures based on food labels the new fried food. Temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius could cause melting plastic. And contamination of the food should stay fried food to cool before packing bags, hot
*** Foam box
Foam boxes carrying food. Not resistant to heat. If the seller does not second banana. Hot or bag and top And bottom of the foam box before placing food When heat from the food. Chemicals to melt more easily. And came out with food contamination also should not use foam box packed with food, fatty foods because of heat, if you watch as well. When open the door to see the inside of the foam is dissolved any holes. The missing man is also in food.
However, in developed countries. They do not use their plastic foam made from styrene, a container that contains hot and cold food should not be used if applied to the heat. Because substance styrene likely come off. Chemical transport, this will destroy the hormone in the body of a child affects the brain and nervous system, liver, kidney, red blood cells has.
*** Melamine.
- When buying container melamine use new. Should be washed with hot water before use. To wash the dirt. And some of the formaldehyde.
- Melamine utensils should not enter the food at temperatures exceeding 80 degrees C, acidic foods such as fermented foods, vinegar or lemon juice etc.
- Do not use hot foods hot. Cooking or cooked with a microwave oven. However, if necessary. A hot food hot water, boiling hot from the frying pan should not be used to put melamine container directly Must be set aside to cool down for about 2-3 minutes for the temperature of food decreased. Before being put containers of melamine.
If parents buy containers of melamine to the ball. Should choose the industry standard (TIS), because if the container melamine poor quality. Upon heating. Will increase the spread of high formaldehyde levels as well. When accumulated into the body for a long time Cause cancer of the respiratory tract. And gastrointestinal tract. With the irritation of the respiratory system has.
*** Bottle child
For a bottle of milk. Parents Do not warm bottles in the microwave all children. Because children bottle. Most plastic polyether Car Boat Net. But soak bottles in the water warm to hot replace, if possible, purchase bottles labeled "organic BPA or BPA Free" or choose a bottle made of plastic PP or glass instead of the major leave bottles. and drinking glasses were on crack or scratch percent color change.
Although the plastic container is that the homes can not be denied. But parents can be aware of. And selection of plastic containers used correctly can. This is to reduce the risk of disease that occurs in families with long-term sequelae.