Hello ... this brought on a good day. Read more about liking to deposit more help.
Many may have read. Or may have felt like this but then forgot each other.
Try to read each other merrily. A remark to remind ourselves of what may look oblivious to each นะ help.


Thousand eyes graduated from leading universities of the country. Then go to graduate and doctoral students abroad ... he very much a gold medal. Honors from small and grow.

Thousand eyes are good brain. Life as a graph up.
That makes him confident in myself ... And think they know everything.
He read many textbooks. Thousands of books.
... The way of people who are excellent ..!

... Billion, the second eye think. He knows everything very well.
Others are all less than him. And education ...
Research data ... decisions.
And academic excellence.

Then one day ...
Father of thousands of eyes are telling him to go find his grandfather's country ...

Thousand eyes do not want to. Because you think it is just people's eyes to. That no power of life and then left again. But only on new life.

But they go ...
".. Faucet faucet faucet ... .. Father came to my eyes ครับ ".

Thousands of men eye eye old. Abraham lived in rural quiet.
His name is "without eyes".

"Hi nephew .. no longer meet all นะ".

Two people stay together long ...

Thousand eyes not think. Male people will know many.
"Much more knowledge in the eye. Back to hide themselves in this valley to why each ครับ? ".

The old grandfather smile. And provide answers to the nephew ...
"In this world, knowledge is limited. We can not learn everything within our short life span.
What we need to know most is our separate identities. "

Read books more than others. Does not mean that we are smarter than others.
Suppose that the only bachelor to measure the standard rules of society.
But it would not measure that. Who understand each other more than life.

"Subjects" with "intelligence" is different.
Know much much more to see much that is not known. The actual knowledge.

"For people with intellectual eye. Who is humble.
Know that they need to learn a wide variety of stories. "

No one knows everything. .. Or clever to ซะ everything.

We may issue shares clever .. but could not grow rice.

We may be courageous teacher ... But we could not build a house.

Everything on this world all support each other.
Intelligent and talented people will humble.
And get ready to welcome everyone's teaching.
The rich do not share that he - and.
Or to measure the level where he graduated.

Shell external, whether it's position. Education.
National family supporter ascendancy, etc., are only illusion.
We could not enlightened to transfix the main truth of life.

Why even high school. We found that people back, they still have problems. Manage their own distress.

Why even more clever problems that beset.
Even to smile for strangers to think jealousy.
What they think but to exploit others.
Unknown to. Think everything is just matter of interest.

We decided together that people "thought" and "personality" of that individual.
We see that he is "within" does not measure the value of people from what they are "outside".

All of the words without eyes pointed into the inmost heart of the thousand eyes ...
"You look past me ... ครับ arrogant with the knowledge that I have.
Indeed, I just fool people into account ".

I act like a "tea cup overflow" that anyone would suggest not want to teach.
This is very silly, I thought that poor fool. The high school people to be smart.
Today I have known ครับ. That the brain is how ที่แท้.

"Who knows ที่แท้" who know themselves.
We do not need to critics who หรอก. He good - how bad.
Back view mirror their care "hearts and thoughts" to the best of us only enough.

Moore thought, but not to change the world.
Just because we change our own thoughts.
Our family will change. Our society will change.
In most ... The world will change.

Change in the way that is good or bad. We do not have to wait while others swear that damn bad.
Not to judge people that stupid that he does not think like we Exclamation.

All people are equal in dignity and humanity.
Nobody can make us humble. If we do not accept that our own shame really impairment.

".. Not fighting left thousands knowledge available".
Many people wonder in the eyes of thousands of changes. When you look back from home that day.

He put out suit. And turning dress with a simple set.
He cares to listen to others more. And talk less.
Understand others more. And less flare.

Thousand eyes ... does not translate that knowledge into ซะ everything.
But let oneself know everything. With the eyes of the enlightened.
With one eye sun.