Types of Beginners learn to make pastries

Types of Beginners learn to make pastries. What equipment to be prepared.
Reggae Reggae problems stand out that Kang Kang dessert this time to prepare what equipment. This purchase will buy those How to Select each other's see it คะ.

For Beginners learn to make pastries. What equipment should be purchased.

Heavy equipment.
Mixer (Mixer) is a variety. And a variety of sizes. Beginners guide for small coil is 2.5-3 Quart ต or mobile phone.
How to choose: should choose a speed that is at least three levels.
Oven or oven (Oven) has both an electric oil and gas has several extraordinary º º floor Or a circle for Manu. If you want just baked cookies. Cake or simple. I can choose the medium is sufficient.
How to choose: You can adjust the temperature. And set the time.

Small devices.
K. Su รื่ scale or scales (Scale) for weighing ingredients to meet the desired weight. Should purchase a digital With an accuracy over If you do not want to buy the measuring spoon or cup instead.
(How to compare different ratios click here).
Cup of dried (Individual measuring cups) to measure the dry ingredients such as milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar, most are a size 4, 1 / 2, 1 / 3, 1 / 4 cup (Comparison ratio).
Cup liquid (Graduated measuring cups) to measure liquid ingredients such as water, milk, fresh egg white is a style glass. Or plastic. The volume of the cup side. If you buy a scale and then. Cup liquid may not be necessary for you คะ.
Measuring spoon (Measuring spoons) to measure ingredients with small amounts of both the dry and liquid  such as roll baking powder, yeast smell that hits are four sizes of a tablespoon, 1, 1 / 2, 1 / 4 teaspoon or select Buy a size 6 is the new Pearl 1 / 2 tablespoon, 1 / 8 tsp.
Sieve flour (Flour Siffer) for the weather to be part of the flour for นึง. HRM system prevents agglomeration. How to choose a non-frequent Or too far. You may choose any frying basket Krang คะ. (Secretly saving as well).
The whip (Hand whisk / Wire wisk) to help whip up full. Or mixing various ingredients together that you should choose handed. Takraw procedure should not be too big or too small. Easy as that big hit or make more difficult the full small Agency.
Spa Tu Cola (Spatula) used to cut various ingredients such as flat shovel cut cream or snack from the print Should pick the sheets do not match fit twisted hands as well.
Knife (Knife) has a very wide range. Instructions for making pastry.

Knife Chop: Chopped heavy for Chocolate.
Peeling knife: knife short size from 2.5 to 3 inches wide a variety of sizes. And several shapes.
Pie Rubber (Rubber Scraper) equipment important to sweep mixing bowl cut out of the mix. Should choose not too hard. It will not bend under the sink bottom, mix the c.
Tray and print materials are available in multiple Beginners guide for stainless steel. Which has a removable bottom or not depending on personal preference คะ. But has a removable bottom. Allows you to enjoy. Cheese Cake making more คะ.

Round type: size 1-2 pounds.
Square Tray: Size 6x6 inches up
Shopping dessert stay Krang (Cooling racks) to stay out snacks to release heat from the oven made from stainless steel guide many sizes.

Others you can find easily at home.

The press cookies (Cookies Cutter) look like a plastic ring made from aluminum or stainless steel.
Cylinder press cookies (Cookie / Biscuit press) have Luck during a press cylinder head and plate designs for cookie mix between a thick liquid Luck. And no ingredients such as vegetable Thanya oatmeal raisin, because these plants Thanya will print on the press
Wood flour roll (Rolling Pin) for the roll into flour or cookie sheets. Do not choose too heavy. It gives you a flat plate powder too. Beginners can use a bottle that looks smooth instead.
Brush Brush egg syrup (Pastry brush) Apply fluid such as fresh eggs, cream and syrup in the cake. Should choose a white coat. So you can clean easily.



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