Types of Flour for making flour bakery or pastry.

Types of Flour for making flour bakery or pastry.
For people to resume Bakery confusion that often. What should we buy flour stored in a good home. And how each different. Interchangeable or not.

Flour used to make bakery or pastry flour, which is the main wheat flour differs from other types of flour. Because the protein two types of Glutamine Nin (Glutanin) and far A soil (Gyladin) that, when flour was added to the water protein and 2 for the combination of the skin a a Blue เต of "Gluten" look tough. flexible rubber to keep the structure of the gas made pastries.
Sell wheat flour at a bakery for the three species is important.
Cake flour - Cake Flour / Soft Flour.
Low protein content is between 70-10 mill type of soft wheat. Characteristics when rubbing hands will feel soft, smooth detail than white flour bread And purpose flour.
The flour and bran diet, such as chocolate cake, cake bò viên, plum cake balls, cakes Bael.
Bread Flour - Bread Flour / Strong Flour / Hard Flour.
High protein content is between 12.5 to 14 types of hard milling of wheat flour used for bread and yeast products to the full. Such as white flour or brand Brand Hong Han. Characteristics of meat.
Recipes that use bread flour such as bread, shredded pork chili burn, Denis Beach, bread, butter, fresh

Purpose Flour - All Purpose Flour / Plain Flour.
Moderately high protein content is between 10-11 from the type of hard wheat mixed with the appropriate type of light in proportion to bake some cakes ปาท่องโก๋ ต Gallery Place noodles in a massage takes less than bread flour. Such as flour brand that deer head that looks brand of bread flour cake flour mixture. Grain size than And white flour than bread.
Recipes that use bread flour such as noodles, bread, cakes, deep-fried dough stick
Sort ascending protein there is.
Cake flour -> purpose flour -> bread flour.

That is why cake flour makes the cake came out soft and full due. Low protein content. Set the light so easily. If the flour with high protein content makes it tight and heavy cake. There are also other types of flour such as pastry-related.

Whole wheat flour (whole wheat flour, wheat flour, whole grain).
Production of wheat at a remove freckles Edra covering the seed only. Of wheat germ are high value and therefore remains that are not made of polished white, so the end grain of less inclusive
Cooking of wheat flour does not need to add a mix of polished white eggs, water massage, if a dessert to take. Powder because of high crude fiber lines made of wheat flour noodles Holdings wheat. Boil until done to soft line. This takes longer than usual.
Flour Self-Rising.
Starch is a substance or mixture of substances that cause full or lighter powder. The main ingredient is. Purpose flour + baking powder + salt is often sold in foreign countries without the hassle of mixing flour with other substances in full. Often sell for a quick cake.
Self-Rising flour ratio of this type is.
Purpose flour 1 cup or 95-100 grams.
Baking powder 1 1 / 2 teaspoon or 3.2 grams.
Salt 1 / 8 teaspoon or take about a hand

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