Year 2009, Oct 11th at Samko temple, Angthong


Departs from the store at 6 o'clock in the morning, takes about 2 and a half hour visit to Samko Temple It is another happy year because the villagers come to help the temple very much. Each one came to help with a willingness to observe from the smiling faces. Enthusiasm, everyone Breakfast and lunch provided by the villagers is very delicious. With the locals waiting to be served In the Kathin procession, villagers come to join the parade and sing the parade. There is a parade singing between the villagers and the group, which is very impressed by the group.

On the way back, the group visited the largest worship of Reverend Father Sod Also stop by to pay respects to the City Pillar Shrine of Suphan Buri And pay respects to Luang Pho Pa Lay Lai temple as a blessing for the people and the family Dinner. Stop by to eat at Nopparat restaurant. www.nopparatana.com is opposite Wat Pa Lay Lai. Understand that it is a famous restaurant of Suphan too When coming to eat, I have to admire that it is very delicious.