Year 2010 Nov.7 Merit giving at Wat Pa Pluk Pra Du, Rachaburi

From the store's front, Sahang Nguan Heng In front of Sampeng store at 6 o'clock in the morning, Sunday, November 7, takes about 1 and a half hours to Pa Plak Pradu Temple, in the Faculty of Sahaha Tang Nguan Heng There are 50 people traveling together by 1 bus and another van.

The host Did not know the reputation of the temple before But from the picture you see There are many people from Bangkok including Bangkok. Nearby provinces And the people in Ban Pong themselves Until the size of the large pavilion is full of people who have faith

In addition, there are food and snack vendors in Ban Pong. Offer to host food And snacks from the group that came to make merit Each shop is very delicious, using excellent ingredients and ingredients. In conclusion, very tasty

The offering time for the Kathin is 11.00 hrs. There are many people attending. Since young To adults.

Kathina of the United Tang Nguan Heng is the host Receiving a total of 297,465 baht from people who have faith, it is considered less than in the past But combined with other faculties participating in it Get as many factors Two million and five hundred thousand baht This frying for the first time Which has 2 Kathin hosts and 8 participants

After completing the Kathin ceremony Before returning to Bangkok The group visited the Amphawa floating market. And pay respects to Reverend Father Ban Laem at Samut Songkhram District, Reverend Grandfather Thuat at Wat Chong Lom And stop by for dinner at Niwat Thip Mahachai, at 20:00, arriving in Bangkok