Year 2011 Oct.30 Merit giving at Wat Ornoi, Nakornpathom

Despite a major flooding in Bangkok and many provinces, there are some donors who have joined the team enough. The trip takes only hour and a half using PhetchaKasem road to Nakorn pathom province.


Kathina is unity. There are a group of people who travel to fried at this temple from many places. Causing him to reach many temples

The faculty gave this small chapel in the procession of the Kathin procession.

Group photos as souvenirs for the group that came this year.

After walking through the Kathin parade Moved to the pavilion of the Or Noi Temple In order to open the Kathina envelope Collecting money for further temple offerings Summary of total donations this year, total 468,475 baht (four hundred sixty-eight thousand four hundred seventy-five baht)

Reverend Father Phat Issara-sermon, at one time, was very impressed.

"People need to be completely self-reliant Self-sufficiency makes us stronger Waiting for help from others alone is weak.

If Luang Phor can request something Would ask Luang Pho to have two arms, two hands, a strong body With intelligence Thinking, reading, and prudence is enough to strengthen Can do a lot more things "

Approximately There are at least 500 people attending this Kathin ceremony. There is a secular president, General Pravit Wongwongsuwan, former Dir. DHS and former Minister of Defense.

When the Kathin ceremony was completed The group then returned to Bangkok. Do not stop anywhere in this year Because everyone is worried about the flooding Travel back to Bangkok around 3 pm with security.