Year 2012 Nov4th Merrit giving at Liew Im Yee temple, Prajuabkirikan

VIP bus departed from Saha Tang Nguan Heng's Sampheng branch at 6am, heading to Lew Im Kee temple, Prajuab Province.

The bus drove through Morning Sampheng market that was very busy and Traffic jam for half an hour. We use Highway Rama2 heading south through Samutsakorn, Phetburi and Prajuabkirikan.

It took about 4 hours to arrive Kao Sam Roi Yod (meaning 300 moutains area). The area is very natural and very beautiful.

Lew Im Kee temple is located in the middle of Kao Sam roi Yod, got a nice and natural are. We feel that we were in China, since the mountain is so high and very sharp.

A lot of vegetarian food is ready to serve for all visitors.

At around 10am, we started for the merit ceremony.

The total donation is 348,501 baht. All the donation was given to the temple without any expense charged occurred during the travelling.

After finishing all the missions, we have a sightseeing around the province.

On the way back to Bangkok, we visited Mae Kim Lung store that got huge number of food, desserts. There are so many people visiting the same on that day.

We had dinner at New Rod Tip, Mahachai area at 6pm and arrive SahaTangNguan Heng shop safely at 9:00pm.